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But my colleague’s suspicion, given the size and the firmness of the mass, was that this was some form of cancer.After Chloe was referred to me for surgery, I had a heart-to-heart with the guardians to make sure they understood the facts of anesthesia and surgery.Chloe was a sweet 12-year-old Italian greyhound, who had had a mass hanging between her back legs, "for several years,” according to her guardians.Because the mass initially didn't seem to cause any problems, the guardians didn’t think it was a big deal.

I explained that we could not assume anything about the final diagnosis.The head is narrow with a very fine muzzle and ears are softly folded and set high on the head.The spine slopes gently and there is a defined tuck up in the loins. This can be a very fast dog when it is so inclined.During their last trip to the puppy dentist in the summer of 2010, some of their teeth were found to be severely decayed and had to be removed, despite having been cleaned under anesthesia less than two years previously. The active ingredients are glucose oxidase and lactoperoxidase.Marty ended up losing six teeth and Cooper lost four of them. Brushing their teeth is important to prevent further tooth loss from occurring. It's an enzymatic toothpaste that tastes like chicken. It's now been almost 10 months since I took this short video clip showing how to clean Italian greyhound teeth.

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