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Ohr Naava is a unique program designed for women ages 17 through 120 who are interested in furthering their Torah experience.

With his legendary foresight and gumption, the center has since mushroomed into a panoptic umbrella organization, composed of numerous programs addressing the gamut of Jewish women's needs, including Ateres Naava Seminary, Tiferes Bnos Yisroel Seminary, Ateres Miriam Seminary, Bnot Chaya Academy, Hakaras Hatov Initiative, Ohr Naava Shidduch Initiative, The Yutta Zicherman Crisis Center for Intervention, and the groundbreaking, therapeutic Ranch at Bethel.

True torah believers like Rabbi Wallerstein and those who glean from his amazing shiurim understand that their views aren’t popular, but we never thought that people who claim to be frum would mamish turn on us and spear us with their swords.

This is exactly what you Frum Satire have done, you posted it and then you sent it to Failed Messiah and all the evil supposedly frum people started to debate and discuss his words of Torah.

Even before dating begins, your mentor will be there to give over the expectations of traditional frum dating and Jewish dating customs.

Your mentor can work with shadchanim to screen suggestions and help you check references.

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