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After nearly seven years of dating, the power couple is now planning a trip down the aisle.According to the , a rep from Lucasfilm confirmed the engagement, which will be the first marriage for Hobson and the second for Lucas.RELATED: Michael Ealy Is a Married Man Both Hobson, 43, and Lucas, 68, have had extraordinary careers.Along with her position at Dreamworks, Hobson is the head of the Chicago-based investment management firms Ariel Investments LLC. Both organizations are reportedly among the largest African-American-owned companies in the U. RELATED: Why I Married a Black Woman Lucas recently sold his film and television production company Lucasfilm Ltd.

But, the basic idea is that populism "matters"; once a "text" is out among the public, part of our work as critics is understanding the "why's" and "how's" of their investment (or not) in it. There, I made mention of one aspect of the story--the romance between a black airman and a white Italian woman--that I thought was superfluous to the plot and could easily be left on the cutting room floor.Despite these factors, Lucas still maintains a reputation, in the words of author Sarah L.Knox, "as one of the world's worst serial killerseven after the debunking of the majority of his confessions by the Attorney General of Texas." Lucas was born on August 23, 1936, in Blacksburg, Virginia.I did not read this plot point as subverting the overall story, or as being deeply symbolic of the state of the family and love relationships in the African American community in the twenty-first century.Moreover, there were many love and sexual relationships between black GI's and European women in all theaters of World War Two.

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