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The country has suffered from sporadic civil war since 1983 and in 2008, at the time when the assessment was conducted, Sri Lanka had entered a new period of open conflict, after the abrogation of the ceasefire in early January of that year.

If the victim is underage, he suggests that the marriage be postponed until the victim reaches the age of eighteen, the legal age of consent in the country.

Speaking at the ‘Future Decoded’ event in Mumbai today, Nadella said that Microsoft is all set to engage India in a cloud-based technology system starting with Skype.

The Microsoft CEO said that Skype Lite, which was launched today, would be client built for the connectivity speeds in India.

He believes that underage female rape victims should not wait until age eighteen to be married.

He is quoted saying “if under aged girls are statutorily raped and the sexual act was however with consent, it may be good to have legislation that allows the perpetrator to marry the victim with her consent.” What is most unsettling about Rajapaksa’s quote is not the part about forcing attackers to marry their underage victims, but that sexual activity between a child and an adult can be consensual.

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