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As the publication scouted for the latest whatnots about the two, it was found out that Brown was last seen to be in trouble for allegedly hitting her girlfriend and in possession of methamphetamine.Meanwhile, van der Pol was last seen with her girl best friend herself, Raven, as the two were together during a mini-reunion in "The View." Next top is Raven's little menace brother, Cory Baxter (as played by Kyle Massey).Word is that Raven's father landed a culinary job in the Oval Office as he is a chef.For whatever it's worth, it would be fun to see the grandfather messing and goofing around with his grandkids, Victor style. According to Symone, audition for the kids' role is still open as he was inviting everyone to audition for the Disney series.Brown was TV series The Proud Family's Sticky Webb's voice.He also voiced the character of Cornelius Filmore from the animated show Filmore.

Ron Aimes who, being a child at heart, has a special gift for talking with children, but is discovering that being a good husband and father is a lot harder than being a good therapist. Bruce Hampton, seemingly more concered with his dating life than his dental patients, the edgy and angry Dr.

He started in Hollywood as a child actor at the age of 7.

He played the character Tiger in the 1995 American Military comedy film Major Payne.

While softhearted Ron just wants Trevor to be happy, Rachel feels that Trevor will be wasting his potential by going back to his old school.

Finally, Ron and Rachel combine their psychological and parenting skills to work out a compromise, getting Trevor a tutor to help him adapt to his new surroundings.

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