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Stan has been called one of Eminem's best songs and is considered one of his signature songs.Rolling Stone magazine ranked the song #290 in their list in The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.The track also samples the opening lines of "Thank You" as its chorus.Coincidentally, both songs were released as singles in late 2000.

Now, he’s officially done the same with the English language.Her 2008 album "Safe Trip Home" was less successful albeit critically acclaimed.Her song for the soundtrack of Danny Boyle's 2010 film "127 Hours" earned her an Academy Award nomination.While we were recording the third verse of Stan, he started rolling a joint and asked me if I minded if he smoked while we cut. Everything was cool and I had gotten all the way to the last 3 lines and I screwed up so all he had to do was punch in my vocals at the end so I could re-do that line and the verse was finished.Back then we were recording on 2 inch tape, so once you recorded over something it’s gone forever.

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