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I think it's time for you to ask her what she really wants.If she wants to date many people at the same time, you need to decide for yourself if this is acceptable to you, and let her know your feelings.I don’t want to sound heartless, but I started to lose my attraction to him.Breaking up is never clean, but there are definitely good and bad ways to do it. In the same way that I caution women against being needy, the type of behavior you are describing here is the male equivalent (the paranoia, accusations, need for reassurance that you like him, etc.) I’m going to tell you a story. I don't think I'm ugly, and I know I have an awesome personality...i was talking with my friends when dating came up in convo.Convey information up to the present; also, make one aware of or conform to new ideas, improvements, or styles.Still, we saw each other a few times, hooked up and spent some really amazing time together. We sent a couple messages back and forth over break, then out of the blue, she called me and asked for my thoughts on us being exclusive.If it were today, I would have said “not at the moment” (in the nicest way possible), but for some reason I said, “Sure.

Today she actually went online while i was round hers & clicked through a few of the men interested in her. The fact that she's seeking out other men on a dating site and would go online while you were there, is just plain inappropriate.

My grandparents use day-care or short-stay services when I'm not at home for work or other reasons. However, when I'm with him, he constantly talks about topics which are of no interest to me or repeats things he has already talked about before, meaning I do not enjoy our time together.

He has recently begun to take time off from work to care for them when I'm not available, so as to save them the money they spend on these services. I feel no strong attraction or respect for him, either, as he's a year younger than me.

Bear with me, I promise that I’m going somewhere with this. A long time ago, I had a girlfriend who I started dating “accidentally” I guess you could say.

I met her at a time in my life when I really wasn’t looking to date anyone.

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