Team fortress 2 validating every time

hello, after today's update to the source games i opened my server(tf2 server), tried to join it but i got "STEAM validation rejected" error, and also on the console of the server it shows "S3: Client connected with ticket for the wrong game: User ID: 2" (there is a "steam_appid.txt" file with "440" inside it in the server folder so it's probably not that problem) the server worked fine until today's update.

i also tried to update sourcemod, metamod, tf2items, steamworks, sdkhooks to their latest version but it didn't help, what can i do?

This tutorial explains how to install Team Fortress 2 on the Ubuntu operating system. Other versions of Debian or Ubuntu may also work without any changes. Install the necessary packages by typing: This opens the main configuration file for the server.

These values can be modified in a number of ways to make your server appear different.

to launch the server i use the command: c:\srcds\orangebox\-gui -game tf -autoupdate -hostport 27015 maxplayers 14 map surf_core-sd-_v1 inside a file that makes srcds boot a gui similar to the source dedicated server in steam only problem is that the server itself is pretty large to download the first time (more than 5 gb) and i copied most of the server files from the steam one to the srcds(addons, maps, materials, sounds folders and the commands from the file) so the server looks(and operates) pretty much the same i'm sure that other users can give you better instructions (delirium?

when i try to play a game, ranked, lobby or just pub it says this???

i didn't find the problem source, and decided to switch to hlds(srcds) server(for windows of course) i used a tutorial for tf2 but i also found one for css i don't know if its allowed to use outside links so just google "srcds windows css" its supposed to be the first result.I read that a possible solution is to delete some folders (cfg, media, sound) but it did not work in my case.I have no mods installed, just the game as you install it. I am not sharing my steam account and I have double step authentication so it couldn't be stolen either. I have resigned myself to completely uninstall dota and steam and reinstall everything. So it was definitely a problem with some update that corrupt or didnt update a file correctly.Hopefully it will help others because we have to find the solutions ourself.

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Administrator) and then enter the user's password twice in the Password and Confirm fields.

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